MTC – Feb 23rd



ELDER RASBAND CAME TO OUR DEVOTIONAL AND SPOKE TO THE MTC!!! It was amazing. I am a big Elder Rasband fan so I was super excited. But I was the only one in my district who really cared. One Elder had no clue who he was. BUT IT WAS CRAZY He had so many good things to tell us. He pretty much talked about how our missions are called of God. It was awesome. And he pronounced tons of blessings upon each of us. I am so glad he came the spirit was incredibly strong. I loved every moment. Class has been great, I am still learning so much!! And I leave tomorrow… I cannot believe it! My time at the MTC just flew by!! The elders in my district all left for Washington this morning. It was really hard to say goodbye. It was super sad. Last night we had a little meeting with our district and the Elders gave all of us blessings, and we sang ‘God Be With You ‘Til We Meet Again.’ It was so depressing but the spirit was really strong. I love those elders so much they’re amazing. The whole district is getting back together in 2018 and going to DISNEYLAND lol. It’s messed up though, they put us all in a room with 9 other people and these people become your best friends then they’re like “JUST KIDDING” you’re leaving!! AH It’s sad. I am so ready to get in the field though. I know that the Heavenly Father loves each of His children and wants each of them to return to Him. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and if we read from it daily we will be comforted by the Holy Ghost. I know that with the power of the Holy Ghost we can know the truth of all things. I am so glad that I have the blessing of having the Holy Ghost as a CONSTANT companion. I know that my Heavenly Father is watching over me. I know that he is already preparing the people of Oregon to hear of this Gospel, I just need to go find them. I’m so excited!! I’m a little bit nervous but I am staying positive!! We had in-field orientation on Friday, it’s when they teach you everything you need to know about the real world in a 10 hr workshop. Pretty fun!! It wasn’t too bad though, I liked it. Except I might have fallen asleep when this one chick was teaching and it was inapplicable and boring and she was irrelevant. We said goodbye to our teachers and it was sad. I ended up liking both my teachers towards the end. They were pretty cool. Church was pretty cool again. Our district sang How Firm a Foundation for a musical number. It was lovely. 🙂 People have realized that I’m “blunt” and “straight forward” and they love that about me…. but I actually feel bad dang it. I’m sorry I speak my mind and put people in their place… 😦 We went to the temple today! without our elders though so it was sad. But I still had a very revelatory (not a word?) experience. I studied 2 nephi 31:20. FEAST UPON THE WORDS OF CHRIST. It doesn’t just say, nibble a little here and there. Or eat until you’re full. It says FEAST upon the words of Christ! It says grab your whole family and have everyone bring some food and eat on your nice china and have a huge FEAST! love it. I LOVE YOU ALL. I love this gospel. I love my heavenly father. I encourage all of you to visit the temple this week.


read this letter regarding Elder Rasband’s mtc-visit – click to open pdf view.


Sister Dobbins,

Wow! again about Elder Rasband.

It seems like to me that he went to the MTC just to talk to you.

I have had to start a list of all of the tender mercies that I have witnessed in the last few months, because of your mission.

Today, I went back and watched the announcement of the change in missionary age that Pres. Monson made in Oct 2012.  Now I know why I was so affected by the change in the age for sisters.  And this morning I watched the talk again by Elder Rasband from April 2010.

We are so excited and so proud of you.  Thank you for sharing your example of faith with us.

Love you, Dad

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MTC – Feb 18th

Hey family! The MTC is great! I’m doing fantastic!!! I’ve been here for 7 days and I cannot believe how much I’ve grown spiritually! I’ve seriously learned so much! Ask me anything! ;D jk. But I am learning a tooooon of great things. My companion is so awesome!! Her name is Sister Leavett and she is from Las Vegas. I love her! She’s so sweet, but the both of us have the same sense of humor, so that’s good and bad. We maybe sometimes get off task. LOL. But we totally get along great, and we teach each other a lot. Our lessons have been going good. Except one yesterday it was a disaster!! Our investigator was sweet, but she asked us questions that made us go all over the place so it was unorganized and horrible. But we learned a lot from it and we now know how to handle those situations! And yesterday, one of our investigators didn’t show! 😦 Sad day. So my district consists of 6 sisters and 4 elders. I love each of them! My district is aaaamazing!! They’re all so smart and we’ve bonded since day 1! Elder White and Elder Holbrook call me sister Dabbins. Apparently “dabbin” is a dance? I have no clue what the kdis are doing nowadays. But we did get a picture of us doing this so-called “dab” at the temple on Sunday. Elders and Sisters actually aren’t allowed to take pictures singled off, but Sister Facer ( one of the presidency wives) totally saw us take it so it’s all good. I woke up at 6:00 on Sunday. Crazy for a Sunday. We had breakfast early because Sister Leavett (my companion) and I had a meeting because, oh yeah we’re Sister Training Leaders!! Holla!! And our favs, Elder White and Elder Holbrook are the district leaders. SO FUN! We had sacrament with our zone which is a total of 20 missionaries. (The other 10 of us, we didn’t really associate with, are other missionaries in our zone and they actually left for the field this morning at 3.) Our new district will come in tomorrow and we’ll show them around and help them and stuff. So we’re assigned to prepare a 3-4 min talk for Sunday meetings, but we actually don’t know who is giving the talk until the president calls you up. Fun, right?  I got out of it this week, phew! We walked to the temple on Sunday and it was sooo cold, it snowed on us!! Ain’t about this life. But it was still beautiful! I love the nice mountains in every direction!! Sister Leavett, Sister Morgan, and I all joined the MTC choir!! It was so fun! The choir is huge and we sound beautiful. And we’re singing my fav!! Nearer My God to Thee!! Such a sweet tender mercy! Oh, another tender mercy!! The cafeteria had Costco chocolate chip cookies at lunch yesterday!  #blessed. I’ve been taking a lot of pictures of the artwork here. There are beautiful paintings everywhere. Especially really cool ones of Joseph Smith and he looks so gorgeous lol. So Mom and Dad I didn’t get  your package until today. 😦 Super Lame!! I received a notice that I had a package on Saturday, but when I went to pick it up the place was closed!! Then it was closed Sunday! Then it was closed for President’s Day!! Suuuper lame. Oh and I don’t get “dear elders” until after 9pm and not on Sundays. During gym time, we’ve been playing volleyball as a district. It’s pretty fun, and at 6:40 am too. yay. So the food here is okay. Sometimes it looks nasty and I just cannot even give it a try. Thank goodness for the salad bar. On Sunday we watched the Character of Christ by elder Bednar IT WAS SO GOOD I LOVED IT SO MUCH. He talks about not being selfish and trusting in the Lord. He have sooo much study time. It’s a lot but I still like it. It’s kinda crazy. Oh, so our class is on the 5th floor! and we always have to take the stairs! And we walk up all the stairs aaaall the time. It’s horrible but now my legs are buff. We got to go to the temple today and do a session at the Provo temple. It was so lovely. It was a nice walk there too. I had a special experience while in the temple. All of time at the MTC, I keep turning to Moroni 7:41. It has just been applying to all of my studies lately. So I open to that scripture in the temple, and I decided to really study it. It is so important and I just love that scripture so much now. Next time you’re in the temple, study that scripture, and ponder itl. Look at the footnotes and read the scriptures that are in the footnotes. I could feel the spirit sooo strong. It was so amazing. We did a session and initiatory. I LOVED IT!! I love the temple! It is seriously the coolest thing ever to be wearing this nametag. I love it. Oh!! This is only the second time in MTC history that there has been more sisters than elders in the MTC!! WAHOO!! Oh yeah…Elder White is from Preston, Idaho!!! LOL!! He went to Napoleon Dynamite’s high school, and no he does not get his haircut at the Cuttin’ Coral. ( I asked him!!) LOL!! But he does know Lisle. lol. And no one here has ever had mexican corn. And hahaha yesterday, we all ran up to the 5th floor to see the sunset with the nice mountains. And everyone was so amazed. They were taking pictures because they thought it was so cool. LOL IT WAS THE LAMEST SUNSET EVER. I should’ve taken a picture to show you guys ( it was weird typing ‘guys’ because I’m already used to saying Sisters and Elders haha) how lame it was. So Mom and Dad, please send me a picture of a nice Arizona sunset! 🙂  I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! I hope you are doing great!! So I leave next wednesday and my flight is at 11:30 am and I get to call my parents before I depart for Eugene, Oregon!!!!!


Sister Dobbins


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