Called to Serve

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Acceptance Letter

Dear Brethren,
I gladly and faithfully accept this mission call to serve our Lord! I know that this is
what the Lord wants me to do to better serve His children. I love this gospel. I
know that the teachings of this gospel can bring true happiness. I know that the
Lord watches over each of His children and that my mission call is truly called of
God. I am beyond grateful for this wonderful opportunity to devote my time to
Him as a full-time missionary. Through faith and with the help of the Lord, I am
able to stay worthy to serve a mission. I know that at this time, Satan will do all
that he can to bring me off the path that I am now on. I know that as I stay
worthy to have the Holy Ghost with me, I will overcome Satan’s many
temptations in this world today. With the help of my Savior, I know that I can
bring His Gospel to those who are ready to hear it!
Sister Lindsey Dobbins

Farewell Talk – January 2016

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