Jan. 23rd 2017 – Best year by far

Hello my beautiful family and friends!
This week was awesome!
We had Zone Conference in Medford this week. It was incredible. It was
mainly focused on repentance, and how we can help our investigators
with addiction recovery. It was incredibly powerful.

So the first presidency have changed the way we do exchanges! Instead
of splitting up into different wards, we are all in the leader’s area,
and we split up in the leader’s ward for the 24-hour period. And then
we all sleep in the leader’s apartment as well. So we had a sleepover
with the sisters! It was a good time. And in the mornin’, I was makin’
waffles. 😂

So last week, Ty and David walked into church! David is a member and
Ty is not. And David is from Mesa aayyy 👋🏻. We asked Ty if she was
wanting to learn more about our church and she said yes! We gave them
our card and told them to call us if they needed anything. She calls
us and we set up a lesson to teach her!! We met her where she told us
to meet her… Rogue Roasters. A coffee shop. ☕️😂 it was such an
Oregonian place. It was like an epiphany of my mission. We gave her a
Book of Mormon and set up a lesson to teach her in a member’s home
after church the next day. The lesson was INCREDIBLE. The spirit was
amazingly strong. I asked her towards the end, “What would it mean to
you if this was true?” And she said, “I already know it’s true.”
What?! It was so cool! She continued to say how she knows God lead her
here and she knows this is true because she felt God’s hand on her
shoulder the entire time she was at church. I then asked her if she
would follow the example of her Savior Jesus Christ, and be baptized
be someone holding the priesthood authority of God! And she accepted!!
She’s on date to be baptized February 25th!! I love that girl. I am so
happy for her. She’s awesome.

I want to thank everyone who has been so supportive of me. I am
eternally grateful. I love each of you so much! I love my mission! I
am so grateful for this time that my Heavenly Father has allotted me
to be a full-time missionary in the Oregon Eugene Mission. I have
grown to love the people here as I have served them. I know my
Heavenly Father loves me and He loves each of his children
individually. I know without a doubt that my mission is called of God.
I was called and have served in Klamath Falls, Springfield, Coquille,
Creswell, and Grants Pass to teach certain people. I have loved
serving my Savior. I know this is His work. I know that He lives!

I love you all! I’ll see you tomorrow! Bet’cha didn’t expect that.
Lol. My migraines have no chill. And no doctors have figured anything
With so much love,
Sister Dobbins

Last pic with sister Alldredge! Pic with Aredelia! Pic with Art! And
the last one is with Ty!

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