January 2, 2017 – White New Year’s Day!

We didn’t get a white Christmas but this is what we got. We literally
got a white New Year’s Day!! Hahaha it’s been snowing! It’s so
beautiful and magical and I’m not even that cold! It’s glorious. But
I’ve also been super sick. Sister Alldredge and I have been DYING in
the apartment. The smallest of tasks were EXHAUSTING. The entire week
was super rough. But today we’re feeling basically better! And we were
able to play in the snow. #blessings

So we have an investigator, Noah, who is 12. And he’s been on lockdown
because he got in trouble at school. So he hasn’t been able to meet
with missionaries or go to church for like ever! But now he’s
ungrounded! And he came to church!! He’s an awesome kid. I’m excited
to teach him!

Seriously not much happened. We’ve been so sick. Sorry for the short
email. Some of the pics are from the other sisters in the zone, they
came over this morning to drop off their laundry, and we came outside
and they had drawn all over our bridge and car! Love those cuties, and
love this snow!

I love you all. Hope you have a fantastic week!
What are your goals for the new year?
Sister Dobbins

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