December 19, 2016 – Miracles on Miracles

This week though 👌🏼
We’ve seriously seen sooo many miracles! Our every action has been so
spirit led. Sister Alldredge and I are killing it! Haha!

So we were sitting in the car deciding what to do, and we decided to
get out and walk to a less active member’s house. We started going,
and decided to take a different turn to go see someone else. When we
got there we then decided not to see them and to turn around. When we
turned around, about 20 feet away, a man was crossing the street
coming right towards us. We stopped him and started talking to him! We
asked him if he wanted to see the 2.5 min Christmas video we were
sharing and he said he didn’t have time. We just kept talking though.
He had met with missionaries before and stopped because he moved. We
ended up talking to him about our unique message for about half an
hour! It was incredible! His name is Frank. It was such a miracle that
we ran into him!

We went to contact 3 different people in the same general area. 3
potential investigators. One ended up being on their way to work, one
moved out, and one was too busy with the holidays and we were told
they weren’t home. So we looked around, and decided to knock on this
door. And Tim answered. He let us right in! His grandma, Sheila,
accepted the invitation to watch the Christmas #LightTheWorld video
and loved it! We introduced the restored gospel and asked if she’d be
interested in learning more, she said yes, so we taught her right then
and there! It was truly amazing. We gave her a Book of Mormon and told
her that if she read from it and sincerely prayed to know if it was
true, God would answer her prayer. I’m so excited to meet with her
next and see how her reading and praying went. It was totally spirit
led that we knocked on her door.

We were trying to contact a less active member of our Ward. And
Arelania answered and told us that she doesn’t know who that is and
she doesn’t live there anymore. So we told her who we are  and what we
do! And we shared the Christmas video because it’s so flippin’
awesome! And she looooved it! We gave her an intro to the Book of
Mormon, and we’re meeting with her to teach her the first lesson

Okay there’s more! So we went to contact this woman, and she wasn’t
home. We turned around and looked at the rest of her apartment complex
for a second. I said, “let’s knock on that door.” Sister Alldredge
said, “I was gonna say that too.” So when we knocked on her door, we
knew someone prepared was behind it. A woman named Inez answered. She
let us in immediately. She has a strong faith in Christ. We had a
wonderful discussion about the savior and his gospel. We stayed for
about an hour!!

We were walking down the street and ran into a man walking his dog.
His name is Ronny. He was probably in his 20’s. He was suuuper nice
and super cool! He had a huge beanie covering his huge dreads. Haha.
He was super Oregonian! Lol. It was super cool as he was watching the
video, he kept saying how amazed he was. He said things like, ‘that’s
what I’m talkin’ about!!!’ He loved seeing in the video how others are
so Christlike. Haha! It was so cool. Love that guy.

This week has definitely set off this transfer to be miraculous. It was
awesome to see how the spirit led us to so many people who were ready
to hear the gospel. I love this work. I love my savior. I love seeing
people smile and rejoice as they see the #lighttheworld video. He is
the light of the world. And we are the light of the world.
Merry Christmas! I love you all!
Sister Dobbins

ps.. and we talked in sacrament meeting this week. 🙂

sacrament-talk-12-18-16 – click to open

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