November 7, 2016 – Coquille to Creswell

Today I am transferring to Creswell! I can’t believe it, because I
just got here!!!! But I am looking forward to it! It will be amazing,
I know it. I will definitely miss many people here, and especially
Sister Persson. LOVE HER!

This past week we had a meeting in Eugene with half of our mission. It
was awesome. President gave us a sneak peak of the Christmas
Initiative! It is an amazing video. You will love it when it comes
out. It made me tear up. It is so sweet. Speaking of tearing up….
President Russell talked about becoming a self-master. And he showed
us a clip from Mulan!!! It was like Christmas! It was so wonderful
getting to watch part of a movie. Lol. But it truly was amazing. He
showed us the part where they sing, “Be a Man”. AND IT WAS SO
INSPIRING. While watching that clip and reminding yourself, that you
are a child of God, you are capable of doing hard things, and with the
help of your Savior you can do anything, the spirit will testify to
you that Mulan is a boss. It was truly an amazing experience. I
absolutely loved and will never forget it. Go watch that!! And never
forget it.

This week was awesome. We met Angie a few weeks back while doing
service, and we actually ended up tracting into her! Perks of being in
the smallest town ever. And she invited us back!! But not to have a
solid lesson, but to just show her a quick video about Jesus Christ.
Well we go back and she says, “oh Sisters did you get my message?” We
didn’t. But she invites us in and we give her a message, and we end up
talking and answering her super solid questions for an hour and a
half! We leave and we listen to her voicemail and it said, “I’m not
feeling up for company tonight so please don’t come over.” Wow. It is
such a blessing that we didn’t listen to her message. Lesson learned,
throw away your phone. Angie is amazing. She has so much potential. I
am so sad that I’m leaving her! I’ll miss her. She’s awesome.

I love you all! I hope you have a wonderful week!!!!!
Sister Dobbins

Coquille Crew: Sister Persson, Me, Elder Johnson, Elder Green

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