November 28, 2016 – #LIGHTtheWORLD

The most amazing video came out the day after Thanksgiving on! It is a Christmas video! I love it so much because it paints a beautiful picture of how we are the Lord’s hands here on this earth. It shows the Savior’s perfect example of service and love. And we can be just like Him this Christmas season. We have been showing this video to everyone we see! I love seeing what people think of it, the results are amazing. We taught a primary class yesterday at church. We sat there with all of the primary kids in sharing time as they turned out the lights and turned on the TV. It was the video! It was a different experience for me, seeing it from a different perspective with these little children. Then after the video, the children were asked, “How did you feel while watching this?” One little girl, probably 6 years old, said that her heart felt warm as she watched Jesus help people. It made her want to help people because Jesus loves them. One kid said he felt happy because he loves Jesus so much. It was such a blessing to be in primary with these cute kids! Their testimonies of our Savior Jesus Christ strengthened mine. I know that He lives and He loves us! We can show that we love him by serving our fellow men. Go to and find out how!
So a former investigator texted us this week. And she asked us to come back and start teaching her!! Uhhh miracle! Literally every missionary’s dream right there. So we go meet her, she’s super cool, and she wants her and her kids to be baptized! She knows the church is true. She wants her kids to grow up in this solid foundation. Her name is Echo. She has a few things holding her back but we are here to help her. As we were teaching her, her children’s father walked in and he is interested in taking the lessons too! So cool! I’m excited to see how this goes! His name is Doug.
So yesterday I hear Sister Van Leuven from the other room… “Uhhh, Sister Dobbins! My thumb is stuck in an ornament! I don’t know if it’s bleeding!” Lololol I go out there and there’s literally and ornament on her thumb. We just look at it and crack up for a few minutes. She ended up being fine but it was hilarious and scary!
I love you all! Have a fantastic week!

Sister Dobbins


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