November 21, 2016 – Adam’s DUNKED

This week was incredible!!!!!
I went on exchanges and I was in the Eugene YSA Ward with Sister
Nowell for Friday and Saturday. We went tracting Friday evening and
met this girl. We immediately ask her if she has a belief in Jesus
Christ. She says, “I consider myself a “Nialiss”. No idea how to spell
it!!! “It’s pretty cold outside. Do you want to come inside and I’ll
tell you?” So we go in. She tells us that she used to have severe
depression. She told God that he needed to show her, in the next 48
hours, a reason to live or she would take her life. In those hours she
came to the realization that there isn’t a god, she didn’t need a
reason to live, and there is no purpose in life. She decided not to
kill herself because she came to the realization that she was willing
to live with that perspective. It broke my heart, and my body ached as
this child of God told us this. I couldn’t understand how someone
could live with the perspective of having absolutely no purpose in
life, and no reason to be on earth. As she spoke to us, all I could
feel was how I needed to testify to her of her Heavenly Father’s love
for her. I did just that. It was remarkable as I did this because at
that moment, I saw her in God’s eyes. I felt extreme love for this
girl whom I had just met. I was able to see her how her Heavenly
Father sees her, and testify to her of how much love He has for her.
It touched her, and she was grateful to have us in her home. We stayed
for about an hour and a half just answering questions she had. Before
we left we asked if we could come back again. And she said it depended
on the context. When we told her that we wanted to teach her about the
after-life, she said that would be really fascinating. It was amazing!
Such a miracle. Being a missionary is incredible.

Another incredible moment: Adam got baptized yesterday!!!!! I love
that guy. He’s so wonderful. It was a beautiful baptism!! Adam is so
cool. I love being able to watch people progress. I am so blessed to
be teaching the people here in Oregon.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!! 🦃🍁🍽 My fav holiday. At least I will
be spending it away only once! Haha.

I love you all ❤️
Sister Dobbins

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