December 5th, 2016 – Too cold

Literally not much happened this week. We’re still teaching Sissy and
Echo. They’re awesome! Love those girls. Sorry not too much to report

We tracted a lot, but didn’t have much success. We talked to this guy,
and as we turned to leave, I rolled my ankle and almost fell and it
was super embarrassing. But on the plus side… we knocked on this
lady’s door and she asked if we’re Mormons. And then she said, “Oh I
have one of your Book of Mormons and I’ve kept it for so long. I’ve
figured one of you would come by and I could give it to you.” And she
comes back with this suuuuuuper old Book of Mormon!!! It was so
awesome!!! It was sad that she didn’t want it anymore. But the coolest
gift ever!!!!!!!!! The things missionaries get excited about. 😂 haha.

So we go to contact this guy to show him the #LIGHTtheWORLD video.
Brad loved it! He thought it was so amazing. And he shared what he
thought. Earlier that day he heard something similar on the radio. A
man was talking about how his son had died, and the only thing that
gives him comfort is serving others. It touched Brad’s heart so much.
And when we showed him the Christmas video about being like Christ,
and serving others this Christmas season, he was amazed! It was a
miracle that we were able to see him at the right time and show him
the video that day! The Lord truly does prepare the people. Love it.

It’s getting cold here in Creswell. It’s beautiful! But I am
freezing!! Haha. It’s supposed to snow this week. Not too excited. I’m
going to be frozen.

I hope you are all doing well. I love you! Have a great week!
Sister Dobbins

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