October 31, 2016 – Rain fo’ days

Happy Halloween!!!!!!! 🎃
This week was fantastic! We got caught in the rain ☔️ many many times
and I found out that my boots are not waterproof. So that’s awesome.
On the plus side at least my feet won’t be hot!!

On Friday we had the privilege of meeting an extraordinary woman. She
is going through an extremely rough time that I cannot comprehend. Her
husband was ill and he gave up and committed suicide. She was even
home when he did it. She feels so guilty and it was sad hearing what
she’s going through. We shared our favorite message with her. The
‘Because of Him’ video. It is because of our savior Jesus Christ that
we can overcome such horrible trials such as these. We can lean on the
Savior when we feel like we cannot stand. It is because of Jesus
Christ that our guilt can become peace and our sorrows can become joy.
Our Savior suffered for us, and He lives!

John and Casey, back in Springfield, got baptized!! I love them
soooooo much!!!! And in a year, they can be sealed in the temple! Love
it. They are so wonderful. I got to skype them before they got
baptized! I miss them so much!! It was great talking to them for a
bit. I sure love those guys!!!

President Russell had us study a talk in preparation for a special
meeting this Wednesday. It was phenomenal talk! It is The Power of
Self-Mastery by President James E. Faust. He talks about having
willpower to become who we know we can become. We only battle
ourselves. It’s only us stopping us from becoming the greatest person
that we can be.
“Self-mastery is a challenge for every individual. Only we can control
our appetites and passions. Self-mastery cannot be bought by money or
fame. It is the ultimate test of our character. It requires climbing
out of the deep valleys of our lives and scaling our own Mount
Everests.” Love it! Go read that talk!! It is from the April 2000
General Conference.

We also got to watch the Studio C Face to Face!! Love those guys. It
is so funny and awesome, yet so spiritual and inspiring. It was a real
tear jerker. Y’all should watch it for family home evening tonight if
you haven’t seen it!!!! I loved it! Studio C is a clean comedy group
and they’re amazing and I love them. The Face to Face is a live
interview. It’s in the Gospel Library. You’ll love it! 😀

I love you all!!! Hope you all have a happy Halloween!! Be safe!!!!

Sister Dobbins

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