October 3, 2016 – Listened to the prophet. No big deal.

I love Coquille! It is such a cute little place. But get this. It
reminds me of Globe, AZ. But probably a lot smaller. The people here
are so great. The Ward is so wonderful. Everyone is so loving and so
nice!! This is my third time pink washing into an area though. Why
does President keep doing this to me? I’m tired of double transferring
into an elders area. It’s rough work. We have to deal with a gross
area book and a gross apartment. But I literally don’t know anything
different so it’s all good!!!

We watched general conference at Sister Sackett’s house!! Wasn’t
conference wonderful?!?! I loved it so much. Sister Sackett is a
recent convert of only a year. She is just the sweetest gal in the
world! Her home is quite literally our home away from home. I just
love her to death.

We’ve been working hard here in Coquille. The work is slow though! Not
what we’ve heard at all. So we came here with higher expectations
hahaha. It’s all good though. We’re destined to find people to
teach!!!! There are so many potentials here that we will hopefully be
working with! I love Sister Persson so much!! My comp. she’s the best!
We get along so well it’s amazing. We have so much fun!!

So we’re not too far from the coast, but we’re only allowed to drive
there sometimes for pdays. So today we’ll be bored in Coquille. The
rest of the zone is hiking and playing volleyball on the beach for
Sister Peterson’s birthday. It sucks being cast out in exile. Although
we do serve with 2 other elders in our Ward. Elders Johnson and Green.
Elder Green is a greenie haha. I served in Klamath Falls 1st Ward with
elder Johnson for 2 transfers so we’re familiar.

Every talk from General Conference was just phenomenal. I loved
everything so much. We are so blessed to have a living prophet on the
earth today. It is a manifestation of our Heavenly Father’s love for
His children. We are able to hear counsel from our leaders to help us
in this crazy world. We truly are in the last days. Satan is under
attack. There were many wonderful talks about missionary work! I can
truly testify that missionary work is so important. It is the Lord’s
work. We are the Lord’s hands and we need to bring God’s children unto
I really loved Elder Quentin L. Cook’s talk. He said that stumbling
blocks can be made into Stepping stones. I love that. Our trials are
blessings. They will always help us grow.

I love you all! I love my mission so much. I am so blessed to be here
in Coquille, Oregon. I know this is where the Lord needs me. I know
this is the Lord’s true gospel restored back onto the earth. And he is
at the head of it. I know that our Savior lives and He loves each of

Sister Dobbins

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