October 24, 2016 – He is Risen

We got to go to the Medford temple on Wednesday. It was marvelous. I
love that place so much! It is so amazing that we are able to feel so
close to our Heavenly Father while in the temple. I wish I could go
more often. I am so grateful for temples on this earth, that we are
able to be sealed with our families for eternity. Marriage doesn’t end
at death. It isn’t ’til death do you part.’ We are sealed together for
time and for all eternity. We will be together in this life and in the
next. I am so grateful for that knowledge. My family means the world
to me. And that is why I am on a mission. I leave my family for 18
months, so others can be with theirs for eternity.

We went on exchanges this week! I was in North Bend with Sister Santa
Maria, and we were on bikes! It was a fun change!! I miss mountain
biking!! So it was awesome getting back on a bike again. We used the
zone leaders bikes and helmets. Haha. They had law of chastity
pamphlets in their helmets to help with helmet hair, and also so the
law of chastity is always on their mind. Lol.

I’ve been studying the words of our beloved prophet Thomas S. Monson.
We are so blessed to have a prophet on the earth today. Here is a
story from his talk in the April 2010 General Conference:
“I will mention just part of one such account. Two weeks ago I
received a touching letter from a father of seven who wrote about his
family and, in particular, his son Jason, who had become ill when 11
years of age. Over the next few years, Jason’s illness recurred
several times. This father told of Jason’s positive attitude and sunny
disposition, despite his health challenges. Jason received the Aaronic
Priesthood at age 12 and “always willingly magnified his
responsibilities with excellence, whether he felt well or not.” He
received his Eagle Scout Award when he was 14 years old.
Last summer, not long after Jason’s 15th birthday, he was once
again admitted to the hospital. On one of his visits to see Jason, his
father found him with his eyes closed. Not knowing whether Jason was
asleep or awake, he began talking softly to him. “Jason,” he said, “I
know you have been through a lot in your short life and that your
current condition is difficult. Even though you have a giant battle
ahead, I don’t ever want you to lose your faith in Jesus Christ.” He
said he was startled as Jason immediately opened his eyes and said,
“Never!” in a clear, resolute voice. Jason then closed his eyes and
said no more.
His father wrote: “In this simple declaration, Jason expressed
one of the most powerful, pure testimonies of Jesus Christ that I have
ever heard. … As his declaration of ‘Never!’ became imprinted on my
soul that day, my heart filled with joy that my Heavenly Father had
blessed me to be the father of such a tremendous and noble boy. … [It]
was the last time I heard him declare his testimony of Christ.”
Although his family was expecting this to be just another routine
hospitalization, Jason passed away less than two weeks later. An older
brother and sister were serving missions at the time. Another brother,
Kyle, had just received his mission call. In fact, the call had come
earlier than expected, and on August 5, just a week before Jason’s
passing, the family gathered in his hospital room so that Kyle’s
mission call could be opened there and shared with the entire family.
In his letter to me, this father included a photograph of Jason in
his hospital bed, with his big brother Kyle standing beside the bed,
holding his mission call. This caption was written beneath the
photograph: “Called to serve their missions together–on both sides of
the veil.””

It is such a sweet story. I know that it is because of the Savior that
Jason will live again. His family found comfort in a time of grief
because of this gospel. Our savior Jesus Christ provided a way for
each of us to return to our Heavenly Father. We are able to overcome
physical death. We will live again! And we are able to be with our
families for eternity! I love this gospel so much and I’m so grateful
to be sharing it on my mission!

I love you all, I hope you have a wonderful week!!

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