October 10, 2016 – With God all things are possible

Hey all!
It’s been a rough finding week. We aren’t teaching anyone and I’m
going through teaching withdrawals. But we will be teaching a little
girl named Justice 🙂 she’s a cutie. We have the same chap stick so I
guess you can say we’re bffs. I’ve taught a 9 year old in each of my
areas. I love the little ones! 🙂

This Ward is awesome. Everyone is so friendly and cute and sweet. Love it here!

We had ZTM this week. It was on fire! I loved it!! We learned a new
way of planning. 🙂 should be fun. It was awesome being with the whole
zone. Our zone is the biggest in the mission, and sister Persson’s and
my area is the only area in the zone not on the coast…… not fair.
Yesterday I told a member I’m from Mesa, AZ. And he said, “I’m sorry.”
And I’m like…. uhh you do realize that you live in Coquille, right?
This little place is somethin’ else. Still love it though I guess

We watched a movie for studies this morning at Sister Sackett’s house.
‘How Rare a Possession: The Book of Mormon’. It was phenomenal. I
loved it. It really portrays how blessed we are today to have access
to the Book of Mormon so easily. I love this gospel and appreciate
what hardships others had to endure to bless our lives today. My 18
month mission is nothing in comparison. I love my mission and am
grateful to be sharing these truths that have blessed my life so much.
I know that the Book of Mormon is of God.

Sister Persson drove into a ditch the other day. Our car got stuck. It
was cold outside, and we were in a hurry, so I just had faith. And
then our car 🚗 got itself out. It was sweet. With God it is
possible!! Matt 19:26. I have faith that we will find the prepared
people here! And we will teach

I love you all. Have a terrific week!!
Sister Dobbins
1. Zone pic
2. Comp pic! I love sister Persson! (Peer-son)

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