May 9, 2016 – Random stories

Last Monday we taught Marie, she’s 17 and she wants to be baptized in
the lake. Hahaha. We’re going to try to put her on date tonight, and
convince her that she should be baptized in a dedicated building haha.
We also taught Freda last Monday and it was awesome. We had her lesson
in front of the baptismal font. She loved it. She identified the
spirit so easily. It was a very beautiful and spiritual lesson. Oh
gosh I just remembered how crazy Monday was! Sister Allen and I had to
trade cars with the Sister Training Leaders because they drove up to
Eugene for Missionary Leadership Conference and they had to pick up 4
other sisters on the way so they traded us our van for their car. So,
we were wearing our pday clothes. Which consisted of some really ugly
outfits haha. Well we go back to our apartment to change back into
proselyting clothes at 5 when pday is over. And we get there and we
didn’t have our house keys because we traded our keys with the sisters
when they took our car. So we’re frantically calling them because they
were already on their way to Eugene. Well we never got ahold of them
and we had an appointment at 5:30 and we looked so ridiculous there’s
no way we could’ve gone in our pday clothes. We finally get ahold of
the other sisters and their clothes and shoes magically fit us and we
made it to our appointment a few minutes late, wearing the other
sisters clothes. Haha. And we also got into our apartment because the
STLs gave the sisters our house keys so that’s cool. So Tuesday was
also bad. We lost our phone. We figured it was in our apartment
somewhere. We drove to the church to find some other missionaries to
call our phone for us. But then we didn’t find any missionaries, we
even looked at the other church. So then we figured that these 2
elders in the other ward were probably home because they’re checked
out, haha. But we didn’t know where their apartment was BUT, we did
know that they lived somewhere by the stake center. So we drove around
the stake center neighborhood looking for a house with a picture of
Jesus in the window. We never found it. Ugh so we go back to the other
church and find an elder on splits with a member, and we’re like. “Yo
in 10 minutes, call our phone 10 times.” So we drive home and wait in
our apartment silently for like 20 minutes and elder Lambson totally
didn’t call us. We go back to the church and we find josh, an 18 yr
old in the other ward, he tells us he’ll help us find our phone. So he
follows us home and he calls our phone. And our phone is stuck in our
arm chair. I practically had to break my hand to get it out. Bad
couple of days = miracles to come! Haha. Wednesday we had another
amazing lesson with Freda. She’s so prepared. I’m so excited for her
to make a covenant with God. It hailed and rained like crazy on
Wednesday. Power was out on the street and it was scary people were
pulled over it was too dark and too rainy. Luckily we were in a
members home during Freda’s lesson when the storm came. So Friday we
taught John Wayne and he accepted to be baptized!! We didn’t put him
on date, but when he comes to know that these things are true he’ll be
baptized! But he started smoking again, naughty. Haha. Freda passed
her baptismal interview! I know she was nervous for it. Novalee passed
too! Yay! Two baptisms on Saturday. 🙂 it’s cool, because I’ve been
with both of them since lesson 1. 🙂 I love seeing them progress it’s
amazing. Lol we taught Novalee the word of wisdom…… And she has a
tea problem! Lol we broke her out of that habit and she’s fine but
lol. So we’ve been teaching Sarah, a less active member. And we are
handing her over to the elders because she is YSA age and they are
over the YSA branch. Well we add her on Facebook and find out that
she’s married. That was awkward Hahahaha. So yesterday was absolutely
amazing! I got to skype my momma for Mother’s Day!!!! And my dad and
my siblings and my nieces and nephew and I got to meet my new sweet
little neice!!! I loved it so much! My family is amazing and I love
them to pieces!!! Happy late Mother’s Day, all!! Hope your week is
Sister Dobbins

So we asked the zone leaders for special permission to go to a club
for my birthday. They said no. But Mormon Prom is on my birthday 😉
haha jk we’re obedient we would never do something like that!!!!!

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