May 2, 2016 – Sister Dobbinshire

Freda is getting baptized in 2 weeks!!! She is seriously soooo
prepared. We came to her at this time for a reason. She recently told
us that she has been avoiding missionaries for years. And when we met
her she knew it was time to meet with us! We thought she had a word of
wisdom problem, but she has been clean for 4 months!!!! She said that
she was really stressed while on the phone with the insurance company,
and she asked her neice to hand her a cigarette, and when she took one
drag it was so nasty to her. When she got stressed she would just
crumble the cigarettes in her hand because smoking them was so gross
to her. Miracles!! 2 weeks!! So prepared. Wow. 🙂 she’s amazing. We
tried teaching John Wayne and it was horrible. He is the biggest
chatter box in the world. When he listens he’s stellar though. But it
was still so bad. And he started smoking again so that’s bad. We
taught this guy Rick, and he’s totally cool. And when we pulled up to
his house, John Wayne was there and he was talking about the Book of
Mormon with him! Haha they’re awesome. So we ate dinner at the stake
patriarchs house, it was really cool. He told us an amazing story. He
gave this lady her patriarchal blessing, and as soon as she left, he
noticed that he didn’t press record. He was thinking about calling the
lady back and redoing her blessing. Instead, he prayed to Heavenly
Father and asked for his help to recall the blessing he gave. He
worked on it for hours, and he finished it word for word. He felt so
strongly that it was perfect. So cool! Heavenly Father is amazing. I
love my mission. I love this gospel. 🙂 I have been feeling so sick
lately. I’ve been having ridiculous headaches everyday. Yesterday,
since I was fasting, and having taken excedrin on an empty stomach, I
felt really sick during church. But, I felt like I needed to bear my
testimony during fast and testimony meeting. Heavenly Father gave me
the strength to walk up to the stands and be able to speak to the
congregation. But as soon as I sat back down I felt awful again, haha.
Heavenly Father is great, I’m learning to be humble. My ill body isn’t
going to get in the way of the Lord’s work!! Well unless I have a
brain tumor. I’m going to the doctor sometime soon. No worries. I love
you all! I hope you have an amazing week! Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

I didn’t really take any photos this week. Here’s the picture I took
with my awesome sticker. Oh and lol the elders gave me a nickname:
Sister Dobbin-shire. I love it.

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