March 24, 2016 #miracles

This past week or so has been cool. πŸ™‚ we advertised the #hallelujah
video on a corner downtown. The whole zone was there walking around
and OYMing (open your mouth). It was cool we talked to some really
awesome people. It was a great learning experience. I also got hit on
by a fellow Native American guy. Which is gross. I’m a sister
missionary, that should be the biggest turn off ever. It’s awesome
showing the hallelujah video. I love it! It’s so cool! So many people
love it. So many people cry when we show it. It’s amazing, so if you
haven’t seen it, go watch it! So we’re standing on the corner holding
these hallelujah signs and this guy walking by goes, “hey what are you
doing?” And he ended up being totally interested and we even taught
him the restoration right there! He accepted a Book of Mormon and he
seemed so excited! And then he came to church! Wahoo! His name is John
and he’s totally cool. I’m excited to teach him. We ate dinner with
some members and they invited a member and her sister for dinner too.
We knew she wanted to take the lessons but she has been in and out of
the hospital because she got bit by a spider like 8 months ago! We’re
eating dinner and the sister, Frida, says, “schedule a time with
Sister Clark for us to all come here for you to teach me.” Say what?!
She is so prepared!! πŸ˜€ so we taught Frida yesterday and she is so
golden. After I recited the first vision, we asked her what she was
feeling as she heard that. “All I can say is that I have chills
everywhere.” And the spirit was so strong. Frida had tears in her eyes
and she was being taught by the spirit!! It was wonderful! Frida is
totally going to be baptized. We invited her to be and she said she’ll
work towards it! She said the closing prayer and it was so beautiful.
She thanked Heavenly Father for so many of her blessings, and she even
told Him that she knows that the Book of Mormon is His word! The
spirit does amazing things! So we’re also teaching Ashley. The first
lesson we had with her she expressed that she doesn’t have faith. So
this past lesson we read and taught about Alma 32. Go read that. It
was an excellent lesson. She was also taught by the spirit and she
found for herself that she needs to read he Book of Mormon daily and
attend church! Fingers crossed that she continues to listen to the
spirit! πŸ™‚Β  so we’re also teaching Novalee she’s turning 9 soon and
she’s on date to be baptized on May 14th! She’s awesome! Her mom and
grandma are less activeΒ  members and I’m sooooo hoping we’ll be able
to teach her family! We went to the Medford temple today. It was
amazing. I read part of Moroni 7 again. That chapter is so dear to me.
I catch a small glimpse of eternal life when I ponder it. I’m so
grateful for temples. We are so truly blessed to live in a place where
the temples are so easily accessible. The temple has a different
meaning to me as a missionary. We are serving Him and bringing his
children closer to Him by serving in the temples. But as a missionary,
I am giving people this prime opportunity on this earth to receive
this gospel. πŸ™‚ God loves his children so much that he constantly
gives us opportunities to hear the gospel. I love missionary work and
I love the temple! I’m so excited for conference too! I am so grateful
to have a living prophet on the earth. So I learned something cool.
The prophets in the scriptures are sometimes hard to understand
because of the weird language and writing. We have a modern day
prophet today who receives guidance directly from Heavenly Father and
we can understand him completely! Think about the Family: A
Proclamation. That was written 20 years ago and these days is when we
need it especially. That was straight revelation right there. Lookin’
forward to conference for some more guidance and revelation! πŸ˜€ I need
to have a personal photographer to follow me around because some
people are horrific at taking photos. But today has been a lovely day
And the pic with the 4 sisters, that’s my family. Sister Allen, my
mom, trained all 3 of us so yeah that’s my family. Sister Allen has
all of her posterity in the same zone with her haha, and we drive a
mini van. It’s perfect. Our van hit 50k miles the other day so we
should be gettin’ a brand new van pretty soon. They trade the cars out
often so we drive reliable cars. We’re spoiled. πŸ˜‰
Love Sister Dobbins

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