March 15, 2016 – Awkward lessons

So the week was quite eventful! My companion was sick on Friday. And
Sister Rasmussen was sick too. So the sickies stayed home and we went
on splits. So I was with sister Hart in her area. We had a few lessons
that fell through so we did a lot of tracting and talking to random
people on the street. It started off with Brandi. We were walking back
to the church after tracting because that’s where we parked our car.
So from far away we see this guy on the side of the road yelling at
this lady and his car was parked in the middle of the road and his
door was wide open. As we got closer he drove off and the girl started
walking. We asked her if  could help her with anything and it was cold
so we offered to visit with her in the church. She told us she was
fine and she kinda explained her situation with her crazy boyfriend.
We showed her an inspirational video about hope by Dieter F. Uchtdorf.
She liked it and we both bore sweet testimonies of our hope because of
Jesus Christ. We gave her our phone number so we could meet with her
again. Then her crazy boyfriend came over and was being rude and
whatever, but we asked if we could pray with them (kinda weird, but
that’s what we do.) then he situated himself to start praying and he
cussed at us and was like yeah I’ll f-ing pray with you. And then
Brandi got mad and walked away and sat on the curb about 15 ft away,
then her bf was yelling and walked about 15 ft the other direction.
Aaaaand, then sister Hart and I folded our arms and started praying
really loudly so they could hear… Lol. We said amen and we opened
our eyes they both had participated in the prayer from far away lol.
Totally weird, and we left them. So awk.
So another crazy thing. Sister Hart and I were role playing in the
car, and I lost my train of thought and stopped and I said, “Those
gangsters are going to kill us.” *sister Hart jumps out of the car
“We’re gonna go talk to them!” She started speed walking towards them
and I was totally freaked out. (The church is in the ghetto) one of
the guys names was little dawg. And the other I forgot, but they ended
up being super nice and they even said they’d come to church. I then
learned that I Shouldn’t be afraid to approach people. so still on
Friday, we visit Michelle. She answers the door and immediately drops
us. But then we convinced her to let us in to talk about the Book of
Mormon anyway. She is this lady from the south, and she really knows
her bible! She is very strong about what she believes and she is a
crazy and hyper lady. I told her, “personally, I would do anything to
strengthen my relationship with Jesus Christ…” “Oh yeah! Definitely!
Totally oh of course.” “…I do that by reading the Book of Mormon.”
And she was punched in the face with the spirit. She promised she
would continue to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. Wahoo!

Yesterday was amazing. We had interviews with President all day. It
was cool 🙂 and on Sunday we found 4 new investigators! And we have a
lesson today!  Yay I’ll get to teach a little more! I know my Heavenly
Father is watching over me. I have faith in Jesus Christ and I love
this gospel. I know that being on a mission is the best thing I could
be doing for my Heavenly Father. Because of His son, we can all be
saved and live again. I know that God wants each of his children to
return to him. The gospel of Jesus Christ is true. I love you all!!!!
Oh, watch the Easter Initiative video! #hallelujah and I also saw this
amazing video in the MTC, it started off of a map of the U.S., and a
count up of the years that pass by, with a light blinking on an area
where a new stake was made. It’s hard to explain, but after the years
go by there’s an abundance of blinking lights because of the many
stakes all over the world. Find that video it’s awesome!! Have a great

Sister Dobbins


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