June 6, 2016 – 80 degrees but I’m still dying

Hey sorry not much time to email today. We had a zone BBQ. 🙂 good
times. So not much is going on because our investigators aren’t
progressing. We’ve been contacting a lot of less actives which has
been good. We contacted a former investigator, Kirk. He and his wife
were suuuuper nice. They put together a veggie tray for our lesson
lol. Nicest investigators ever. But his wife, teddy, doesn’t find a
need to have the priesthood on the earth so she has a hard time
believing the Book of Mormon.

So president and sister Russell were in Klamath Thursday night, and
they were both planning on coming to a lesson with us! But, Freda
cancelled on us. So we totally didn’t get to teach with president. It
stunk. Freda didn’t care haha.

We tried to teach this guy John, and he told us his life story, and
then asked if we could close with a prayer. It was so weird haha. But
he came to church 🙂 he said he liked it. But he pretty much booked it
out the door after sacrament meeting. So we’ll see how it goes with
him this week.

So I came across Moroni 7:41 once again, and I still love it so much.
It says, “what is it that ye shall have  hope for” and it goes on to
talk about the atonement of Jesus Christ. I love it because that is
truly what I hope for. I have hope through the atonement because it is
because of our savior that we can progress. It is through him that we
can repent and be cleansed from sin. It is through him that we can
live again. It is because of him that we can hope for eternal life.
Have a great week, all!!

Sister Dobbins

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