June 13, 2016 – Big chalk artwork

People in this mission are so smart. An elder asked me if I’ve ever
seen an armadillo. And a sister asked me if there’s grass in Arizona.
And once when we were driving back from Medford, there was is lake
with a nice view of mountains and I said, “hey that looks like
Arizona.” And a sister said, “there’s water in Arizona?” A member
asked me if I’m from Utah and I said no Mesa Arizona. And her and my
companion both said that it’s the same thing. Definitely not the same
thing. My home ward does not consist of one block as our ward
boundaries. In fact, like 3 Mormon families live on my block. And my
neighborhood grocery store actually sells alcohol. And our radio
stations do not consist of hymns and conference. Sorry for the rant
but Arizona is not Utah.

So we taught Marie, and she’s on date! She’s the 17 year old girl that
wants to be baptized in the lake…. And president gave her
permission!! Haha. So that’ll be cool. She’s on date for August 13th!

We taught Freda again this week. It’s different teaching her without
sister Allen. We just have a great bond with her so now it’s
different. So we taught her about the priesthood. And at the end, she
told us why she has a testimony of the priesthood. The reason is
because the sister missionaries are given the authority of God from
the stake president who holds the priesthood. She again expressed how
much she loves sister Allen and I. She said that there’s something
about the two of us that just made her conversion perfect. I then
asked her if I could share a cool story. I shared with her the story
of my second day on the mission. (I’ve already told you but I’ll just
say it again).
So my second day in Oregon, all the new missionaries, the trainers,
and all the missionaries who serve in Eugene, were in a meeting in the
chapel at church. We didn’t know who our new companions were yet.
President Russell gave a talk. In it he said that the night before he
was woken up by the gentleness of the Holy Ghost. He was prompted to
go into his office and change a companionship. He testified about how
we are in this mission because God intended us to be. Well about an
hour later we found out who our new companions were. So sister Allen
And I started driving down to Klamath. And we stopped in Medford. When
we stopped in Medford, President called us. He told us that we were
the companionship he needed to change. He promised that we would see
I then told Freda that we were sent to Klamath falls to meet her. The
spirit was so strong. Freda and I cried. I am so blessed.

So we did something totally awesome. We drew the plan of salvation in
chalk in front of one of the busiest bus stops in Klamath Falls. We
were worried about someone washing it off or someone getting mad at
us. So at church a member came up to us who rides the bus a lot. She
said the bus manager got off the bus and looked at the artwork. Then
he said, “I’m leavin’ it. Maybe it will uplift some of these people in
this town.” Hahaha.

Anyway, I hope y’all have a great week. Next week my pday is next
Thursday. Love you all!! And happy Father’s Day!!

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