July 25, 2016 – Pokemon Go for the win

We were teaching these two new investigators, Emma and Robby after
mutual. And this young women’s leader comes over and she’s like, “are
you guys ready to go?” And no one says anything because uhh the
missionaries are trying to save lives here. And I still can’t wrap my
head around the thought process of this lady….. There are nonmembers
at mutual. The missionaries are talking to them. You shut up and let
them convert these people. Don’t be stupid.  I’m still mad at this
lady because she still continued to rush us. Emma who is 12 also told
us that when she turns 18 she’s going to move out with her little
brother. I asked her why she’s so anxious to leave home and she said
because her parents won’t let her have a ferret so she’s going to move
out so she can have a ferret. Kids’ priorities though.

Okay so we didn’t get to teach John and Casey yet because Casey went
out of town. But we got to watch the Mormon tabernacle choir broadcast
with John. He loved it it was awesome. I loved it so much 🙂 wish I
could’ve been there in person!! We taught this guy Aaron who is cool.
His girlfriend is a member and he’s interested in learning more about
the church! It was a cool lesson but he also seems like he wants to
bible bash but we’ll see.

So we’ve been contacting a lot of people lately. Nothing too exciting.
But we’ve been exploring our area and it’s a huge area and I just love
it. It’s so gorgeous. Pictures don’t do it any justice. I loooove
Springfield! And I love the blackberries hahaha. They’re everywhere.

Also, we found 2 new investigators because of Pokemon go. No big deal.
It was super awesome.
Their names are Aaron and Robert. They’re pretty cool but I think
we’ll have to refer them to the singles ward. Before we left we were
like, “can we pray with you?” And they accepted and we asked if there
was anything specific they wanted us to say. And Robert told us to
pray for his family because their parents are going through a divorce.
After the prayer both of the boys were in tears. If we wouldn’t have
prayed with these guys we wouldn’t have known what they were
struggling with. I love praying with people. It’s really my favorite
part about being a missionary. Helping people recognize that they have
a loving Heavenly Father who they can turn to is so rewarding. I am so
blessed to have that knowledge, how can I not share it? We are gods
hands. It’s our duty to introduce the gospel to people. I love this
gospel. I have seen it bless my life and my family’s life. I love you
all. Have a wonderful week.

Sister Dobbins

1. This is by a lake 🙂 idk which one. But it was very windy and just
a gorgeous day. Right before I almost died from fake appendicitis.
2. Also, I have mesenteric adenitis. I was hospitalized. I didn’t need
surgery. I’m fine now. 🙂

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