July 18, 2016 – I want to stay in Springfield my whole mission

Hello! This last week was pretty awesome. πŸ™‚ we met Saleena and
Sabrina, recent converts who are 13 and 12. They are the sweetest
things and I love them so much!!! We bonded so quickly and they are my
BFFs. We are making plans for them to come to Arizona and visit once
both sister Connelly and I are home. We’re gonna show them a good time
in AZ. I told them they can stay in our house since we’re moving to a
bigger house. πŸ™‚ hope that’s okay haha. Sabrina kinda is less active,
and she brought two friends to mutual! And they’re both interested in
taking he lessons! They’re cool kids and I’m excited to teach them.
Also, we are teaching this couple who are so awesome. They came to
church yesterday and stayed all 3 hours. And they spoke up in class it
was literally like they’re already Mormon. They’re awesome. We’re
teaching them tomorrow. They’re totally getting baptized. So on
Saturday we went to the Nashville Tribute Band concert. It was so
awesome!!!! I love them! They are so good! It was great. Kinda weird
going to a concert on my mission, but I loved it. Lol. Yesterday we
drove across our area and it was so beautiful. I love Springfield! I
want to swim in the river so bad. Oh and there’s toooons of berries
everywhere and they’re delicious. I love this place. I miss Arizona
though. Believe it or not I’d love to feel that sun bake on my skin
right now. I’m ‘coldy’. But hey, at the end of this transfer I’ll be
1/3 done with my mission. *gag* I can’t believe it is going by so
quickly! What the heck!
Remember to pray always that you may conquer Satan! Satan is real.
Especially in Eugene, Oregon.
Well, I hope you all have a terrific week. Love ya!!
Sister Dobbins
1. This is us at a members home and Pippa, picked us beautiful flowers
from her yard. And we also picked strawberries, raspberries, and
blackberries and it was the bomb.
2. This is my cute companion and I taking selfies because we actually
get along and like to be goofy and praise hallelujah because we have
companions that we love. Lol.

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