July 11th – Spring cleaning in Springfield

There were elders in this area before us and sister Connelly and I are
taking over. Our area book is full of random crap. Pretty sure the
elders didn’t do anything. There are so many people who don’t have any
contact info, which means they’re probably fake. And a lot of people
are counted as investigators when they haven’t even been taught in the
last 100 days or so. So we are doing a lot of fixing and cleaning in
this area.

So, funny story. The elders gave us the address to their old apartment
because that’s where we were moving into. So we go there, and there
wasn’t a picture of Jesus in the window so that was questionable. Well
I turn the knob on the door to go in, and it’s unlocked. And I’m like,
“uhh maybe we should just knock before just in case this isn’t the
right apartment…..” And then a dog barks and we got the heck out of
there because we almost walked into the wrong apartment!
So we find the real address and we go there, and there’s crap
everywhere. And we’re like, “this is a mess, people probably live
here….” But we yell and no answer, and we walk around the apartment
and it’s literally the nastiest thing I’ve ever been in. The elders
did not clean AT ALL. We were so mad. It was disgusting. We called
President and he told us not to clean it and that the elders would be
back the next morning to clean it. And this was the Fourth of July and
we couldn’t leave our apartment. So we lived in filth all evening. I
wanted to clean so bad!! So yeah we are quite literally spring
cleaning Springfield.

We got to volunteer at the Olympic trials in Eugene!! It was super


It is so refreshing to be serving in the city. I love it here.
Ahhhhh. So nice. And Springfield is so beautiful!! And the Ward is
amazing!! I love everyone here. We have to do our laundry at the
laundromat. My comp isn’t too happy about that. But I’d much rather do
it here than go to a members house and do it because we’d be doing
laundry all day if we did that. Plus the laundromat has wifi. So ha.
And complimentary drinks.

Well I watched this amazing video. Called Like a Broken Vessel. It’s
stellar. It is so amazing and y’all need to watch it. Also have you
seen the children bible videos?! They’re so cute!!!!!!! It makes me
miss my kids.

Today we’re going mini golfing 🙂

I love you all!!!!!!! Have a great week, and don’t forget to smile.

Sister Dobbins

1. Last pic with my girl Freda, love that girl. I already miss her.
2. Wendy’s got it goin’ on.
3. For all of you who miss my talent of finding objects in my food: I
looked down at my pizza and it was in the shape of the Gilbert Temple.
You’re welcome.
4. Laundromat selfie for the win.

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