August 8, 2016 – Love my investigators

Not much happened this week. Our investigators are still awesome! We
watched the Prophet of the Restoration movie twice this week. Once
with John and Casey and once with Janay 🙂 I loooove that movie. It’s
so good! Janay accepted the invitation to be baptized!!! But she needs
to talk to her parents about it. They are super into the Christian
So for mutual on Wednesday, they went to the lake! And there were tons
of nonmembers there, so we got to go!!! It was so awesome and the
water was so tempting. I died not being able to jump in. I want to go
swimming so bad!!
We are also teaching a part member family. Two little girls named Ally
and Beth. They’re 11 and 8. They are so sweet but rowdy!! It is so
hard to teach them lol. But their parents are less active members and
I’m so excited to help this family out!! 🙂
Today is my last pday with sister Connelly!! I love her so much and it
makes me sad that she’s going home next week!!! Her bday is on
Wednesday and that’s the temple trip day for departing missionaries. I
want to go to the temple so bad. Please take advantage of having a
temple. I miss it so much.
Sorry not much has happened this week. I went to a neurologist for my
headaches. He gave me a medicine that will hopefully prevent the
headaches. And Dr Clark is my cousin, Britney’s, husband’s brother. So
that was cool haha.

Have a beautiful week!!! I love you all
Sister Dobbins

1. This is me smelling pine, and it’s good.
2. This is a picture I took at the lake.
3. Us at the lake. I promise we didn’t swim.

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