August 15, 2016 – Trio in Springfield!!!

Hello friends and family!!
This was an emotional last week of the transfer! My girl Sister
Connelly is going home now. She will be on the plane back to Gilbert,
Arizona tomorrow morning. I’m going to miss her so much!!! She’s so
wonderful!! I just love everything about her and she’s taught me so
much. I am so blessed and so grateful to have the privilege of killing
her. (Killing is a missionary term… Her mission is ending therefore
she is dying and since I’m her last companion I’m killing her) and it
has been a privilege. She’s awesome.

We didn’t get to teach Janay, and we don’t exactly know how she’s
really doing. Her parents haven’t given her permission to be baptized.
But we also don’t know if they’ve flat out told her no. They just
haven’t said yes. The lessons we had scheduled with her have fallen
through this week. She’s still awesome though. Love that girl!

We got to teach Neviah and Jasmyne!! They are recent converts who are
super busy this summer! They are sisters, ages 17 and 14. They are the
cutest most sweetest things ever! And we finally met them!!!! We
taught them and I just love those girls.

John and Casey are doing super well!! I love teaching them!!! We got
to teach them the plan of salvation this week and it was super cool.
John’s mom passed away a few years ago. And he feels so much comfort
in knowing where she is and that he’ll see her again!! He even wants
to do her temple work for her! I am so excited for them 🙂 they’re
lovely people.

I love this area so much. We see miracles everyday. There is so much
work to do in Springfield 4th Ward and I am so blessed to be here!!
Today is transfer day! I am staying here, and I’m getting 2 new
companions!!! Sister Gregory and Sister Mann!! I am so excited! It
should be a party! And it should be interesting.

I also want to say that I know that the Savior lives. He atoned for
our sins. He made it possible for us to repent and it is because of
Him that we can become clean. It is because of our Savior, Jesus
Christ that we will overcome death. I know that to be true.

I love you and have a fantastic week!!
Sister Dobbins


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