Aug 29, 2016 – Miracles and Mishaps

This week was pretty awesome!
We taught Aaron, he’s investigating the church, his girlfriend is a
less active member of our Ward. And we taught both of them! He had a
lot of questions about the Book of Mormon it was awesome. And he came
to church!!! He spoke up a toooon in gospel principles and apparently
I’m elders quorum as well. He’s just awesome.

We got to teach the girls, Beth and Alley!!! And we put them on date!
They are on date to be baptized September 30th!!! I am so excited for
them! I just love those crazy rowdy gals. Their parents are less
active so I’m so excited to help them out. 😀😀
So what our mission does, is we send out miracle texts to the AP’s and
they send a text out to the whole missions. And we jazzed up our
miracle text and made a rap! Here are my rapping skills in action:
“Hey let’s start a rally, ’cause our girls Beth & Alley
Made the decision of their lives to follow their savior Jesus Christ!
Beth was afraid of water, she said, “No way, José!”
But now she knows Heavenly Father will provide the way.
In white they’ll look so purty on the day of September 30.”
I thought that God took away my rapping skills because he needed me to
focus on His work. But I guess He gives it back in times of need. ✌🏼

So the Sister Training Leaders, sisters fausett and Steele are the
cutest things of my life. They asked us to go in exchanges with them,
like they were asking us to prom! Sister Fausett said, “out of all the
fish in the sea, will you go on exchanges with me?” And she put fish
in our bathtub!!!!!!!!!!! We were like, “what the crap do we do with
these fish?!” Well we left them there and decided we’d deal with it
later. At the end of the day we went upstairs to take the fish out,
and all the water had drained….. And all the fish were dead…… It
was horrible. 🐟🛁 💀

Hope all is well back in good ol’ AZ 👍🏻☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️
Love you all,
Sister Dobbins

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