April 4, 2016 – Conference weekend!

Hey all! This past week we had specialized training in Medford! It was
awesome. It was great receiving more counsel from President Russell,
his wife, and the APs. It was fun because we got to go up Tuesday
night and stay the night with a couple of sisters. It was fun because
I’ve been begging the zone leaders to let us have a sleepover lol.
They told me I’m their fav so I’m not worried about being too
annoying. Haha. I’m their fav because I’m ‘a baller and helped them
with their dental hygiene.’ Sweet! Haha. So we got to go to in n out
in Medford it was glorious. It’s apparently the only one in Oregon and
all the missionaries were freaking out. We saw a nice sunset, but did
not compare to az sunsets! Oh! we were tracting in our area and heard
a morning dove! It was a little sweet tender mercy. Sister Allen and I
got to hear a familiar sound from AZ. I bet that bird flew from az
just to sing to us lol. He keeps following us around too! Sister Allen
said that there aren’t any morning doves in the other areas. So
conference was excellent! I loved each session sooooo much. I got
kinda freaked out at the end, wondering if elder holland was gonna
speak! Hahaha. And then it was woooonderful. I loved elder rasbands
talk. It was so amazing to hear him talk about sustaining the prophet.
That was cool. We watched the first 3 sessions at the stake center and
the last at bishop petersons house. It was so funny when elder holland
mentioned everyone watching conference in their Sunday best! Hahaha
yeah right! Although I was wearing my Sunday best because I’m a
missionary. 😉 after conference we had dinner at the Clarks party
barn. It was in the woods but still in the area. It was super cool and
fun! The missionaries in our ward were invited and as well as the
missionaries from the 5th ward. So there were 4 elders and 4 sisters.
It was a huge family party and it was fun haha. The ward here is
taking good care of us. I hurt my wrist, playing basketball. My follow
thru is too strong. And then doing push ups killed it but i did it
anyway and that was a bad idea. Luckily a member, sister Clark, had a
wrist brace laying around. It helps but when I take it off it hurts
more than the other day. Sheesh. Friday I had the flu. That was cool.
I just slept all day and didn’t get to do anything. We were planning
on going to correlation though. But then the elders said it was
cancelled. Then they came over at 9 o clock and told us April fools
and that the ward thinks we weren’t there because we don’t take it
seriously. Wow jerks! Ugh! Elders suck. But whatever it was a good
week hahaha. I’m glad it’s pday but I’m dying to scrub our house but I
can’t because of my wrist. 😦 I hate living in a dirty apartment.
Elders lived here before us :/ we went to the lava beds today with our
whole zone. It was pretty cool 🙂 there were a lot of different caves
to explore. It was basically just like the lava cave in flagstaff by
grandmas house. 🙂 I didn’t really get any pics.
This is pic is taken at the running y resort where all the wealthy
members live haha.

Love, Sister Dobbins

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