April 25, 2016 – Yay lots of teaching!

This week has been great. πŸ™‚ on Tuesday we volunteered at Red Cross
blood donor center. We got to drink grape juice and help people sign
in. I even got a cool name tag. Haha. We met a lady named Dee, who
used to live in Tucson! She said she hated how fast it was growing so
she left. It was a little weird because she said she would’ve moved to
Phoenix (which is weird because it’s huge), but she didn’t move there
because it’s “too humid there.” And sister Allen and I (who are both
from Mesa Arizona), were like… “Oh really? It’s humid there??” And
she was like, “ohh yes! It’s sooo humid there. All the farmland and
irrigation, it gets super humid.” And we’re like oh okay. Because I’m
pretty sure Oregon is 5000x more humid than Phoenix Arizona lol.

We taught Novalee again, she’s so amazing! I love her and I’m so
excited for to make a covenant with her Heavenly Father!!! May 14th is
her baptism date!

So Freda!!!!!!! We didn’t get to meet with her this week but at church
her sister told us that Freda WANTS TO BE BAPTIZED BEFORE THE END OF
THIS TRANSFER!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS! I am so excited for her! I
love her so much. And hey if she goes through the temple next year
I’ll totally get to be there. She’s amazing I love her wow. So
exciting! I am so ready to put her on date this week! Yay! She’s so

We taught Jonnie and she’s an 80 year old stubborn woman. I love her
to death. She’s the investigator that loves me because I’m Native
American. She’s totally going to get baptized but she is so stubborn!
Haha. We read Alma 32 with her, and it says something like, “quit
being stubborn and get baptized” lol and she was bothered by that but
she’s a tough lady and we knew she could handle it. It was a good
lesson on faith but she’s still stubborn lol. Her husband is a member
and he’s going through the temple soon. πŸ™‚ they took us to a nice
restaurant on Friday. It was fancy and delicious. Jonnie ordered iced
tea, just to bother us I’m sure. I love her so much she’s such a sassy
old lady lol.

Saturday I was on exchanges in a different area. I met this stellar
lady who I wish was my investigator. She read ahead on the pamphlet
that the other sisters gave her, and she paid her tithing with no
problem and without even being taught about it. She’s so amazing.
She’s actually moving into our ward! Lol so we might get a free
baptism. Which is kinda messed up lol. But cool. Her name is Randy. I
don’t care if she gets baptized in the other ward, I just love her so
much and I’m so excited for her to baptized on May 7th! We also taught
a lady named Kathy, in the other ward, and she knows the Book of
Mormon is the word of God! She likes it more than the bible!! She’s so
cool! She even shared her fav scripture with us in 2 nephi and she
reads it like 12x a day haha. She said she can’t be baptized though
because her husband and mom would hate her. but! She’s moving to
Apache Junction this summer! So, my family in Apache Junction,
although you’re not on my email list because you obviously don’t care
to know my life lol, I’m counting on you guys to convert her! Haha!

Yesterday we taught John Wayne. Lololol yes. He’s awesome. He talks
way too much though we barely got a lesson in. I’m excited to teach
him again soon! He’s a veteran and he’s retired. πŸ™‚ he’s also African
American and he was bothered that we didn’t have a picture with black
angels in it. Lol #thestruggle

Today we’re teaching a teenaged girl who wants to get “baptized in the
lake just like Jesus did” (But hey guess what Jesus was actually
baptized in a river) wish us luck.

I love you all! Have an amazing week!

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