April 18th – Take that, Satan!

So this week, oh gosh I can’t remember hahaha. Wednesday we did our
usual service at Plumridge care facility. 🙂 we work with the
activities directors in anything they need. It was so cute, when we
got there there was a group of dancers clogging in the rec room, and
all these older people were in their wheel chairs and whatnot, and
they were so excited and happy to see the dancers clogging. It was
awesome. I totally want to learn to clog lol. So we also help with
painting nails! It’s so fun painting the old ladies’ nails and getting
to know them! We met a lady who is almost 104! Wow jeez! But yay my
nail painting talent is actually being used for something good. 🙂 I
love it lol. The ladies are so excited, they sometimes tell me that
with their fancy nails they’re ready for their date this weekend. I
love it. But sometimes it’s really sad. Our friend Faye wasn’t there
this past time. I think she passed away. She was cool. She said that
she has a Dobbins in her line from Missouri. But didn’t know their
name. That was interesting 🙂

We taught Novalee on Friday. She’s so awesome. I’m so excited for
their family! And Freda! She’s so amazing too! She is so prepared. We
showed her the ‘reclaimed’ video, which I LOOOOVE, about not digging
up old transgressions that God has already forgiven. She cried! We’re
totally going to get her on date this week! Wahoo!! And we’re also
teaching Ashley. She is another eternigator. (Investigator that has
been taught forever lol) And she came to church for the second time of
being taught for 2 years!!!! Such a miracle! I’m so excited for her!
So yesterday, I was super sick. And I wanted to die. And we knew it’s
because Satan was getting us because a miracle was about to happen.
Well, since I laid in bed sick for a few hours, sister Allen and
sister Rasmussen went out finding. And they knocked on one door (a guy
we met a few weeks ago who told us to come back) but he wasn’t there,
but his kids and grandkids were. And they invited them in and wanted
to be taught! And they were totally prepared! Take that Satan! 3 new

I love this work! I love this gospel! I know Heavenly Father hears and
answers our prayers. I know that we can turn to Him with anything. I
know that this is the Lord’s work. It is such a blessing to be trusted
by my Heavenly Father to bring His children unto Him. I know that God
watches over His children and His servants. I have faith that being on
a mission is the best thing for my own life and for others’! I love
this gospel! I love my mission! Also, I just want to publicly announce
that I have the best parents in the world! Thank you for raising me in
this gospel and giving me freedom to make mistakes and learn from
them. My mission means so much more to me to know that I’ve worked
hard to get here. Thank you for your love and support and memories
we’ve created that I now hold so dear! I honor my parents because they
truly are amazing. Have a great week you all!

So the first pic is taken on Friday. The second is right now. Klamath
Falls is ridiculous haha.

Displaying image4.JPGDisplaying image3.JPG


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