April 11, 2016 #blessed

It was a rough week. (my Grandpa Bert passed away this week) But I’m glad I have so many people around me for
their love and support. 🙂 I love my zone so much. It’s awesome
serving with elders in the same ward too, but we become so close that
it’s hard when transfers come. Elder Thurgood left, so now we’ll have
a new zone leader. So we taught Freda! She’s awesome! Her lesson was
so amazing. She was being taught by the spirit! She wants to be
baptized and we hope to have her on date is week! We taught her the
plan of salvation. I didn’t know that her lesson was actually for me,
until immediately after her lesson president called me and told me
about Bert passing away. It was really hard. But I’m grateful for the
knowledge that I have of the plan of salvation. I know God loves each
of his children and has a plan for each of us. I was in a weird funk
for a while. It was bad. But the sisters and elders in my zone are
wonderful and really helped me through it. We taught Novalee the next
day. And guess what, we taught the plan of salvation. It was a
wonderful lesson. It was definitely a sweet tender mercy from the lord
for me to be constantly hearing about his plan for us. It has brought
a lot of hope and joy. I am very grateful for that. So about Novalee,
her mom, Ashley is less active and they all came to church! The whole
family! Ashley brought Novalee and Soma, her daughters, and even her
fiancé! It was awesome! And they loved it! I am so happy for them! It
was the first time we met her fiancé, and were going to try to start
teaching him. Ashley said that he’ll be at our next lesson with
Novalee is week! By the way Novalee turns 9 in May and we have her one
date for May 14. Holla! So excited for their family!!! I love you all.
I am so excited to be on a mission. I love my mission. I love this
gospel. I love my savior. Have a great is my mom and my sisters and I

Wow that’s an ugly typo at the end of that last email hahahaha
***Have a great week! This is a picture of my mom and sisters and I.

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The whole mission had a conference call and prayed specifically for me and my family after Bert’s passing.  It was very touching and uplifting.


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