Jan. 23rd 2017 – Best year by far

Hello my beautiful family and friends!
This week was awesome!
We had Zone Conference in Medford this week. It was incredible. It was
mainly focused on repentance, and how we can help our investigators
with addiction recovery. It was incredibly powerful.

So the first presidency have changed the way we do exchanges! Instead
of splitting up into different wards, we are all in the leader’s area,
and we split up in the leader’s ward for the 24-hour period. And then
we all sleep in the leader’s apartment as well. So we had a sleepover
with the sisters! It was a good time. And in the mornin’, I was makin’
waffles. πŸ˜‚

So last week, Ty and David walked into church! David is a member and
Ty is not. And David is from Mesa aayyy πŸ‘‹πŸ». We asked Ty if she was
wanting to learn more about our church and she said yes! We gave them
our card and told them to call us if they needed anything. She calls
us and we set up a lesson to teach her!! We met her where she told us
to meet her… Rogue Roasters. A coffee shop. β˜•οΈπŸ˜‚ it was such an
Oregonian place. It was like an epiphany of my mission. We gave her a
Book of Mormon and set up a lesson to teach her in a member’s home
after church the next day. The lesson was INCREDIBLE. The spirit was
amazingly strong. I asked her towards the end, “What would it mean to
you if this was true?” And she said, “I already know it’s true.”
What?! It was so cool! She continued to say how she knows God lead her
here and she knows this is true because she felt God’s hand on her
shoulder the entire time she was at church. I then asked her if she
would follow the example of her Savior Jesus Christ, and be baptized
be someone holding the priesthood authority of God! And she accepted!!
She’s on date to be baptized February 25th!! I love that girl. I am so
happy for her. She’s awesome.

I want to thank everyone who has been so supportive of me. I am
eternally grateful. I love each of you so much! I love my mission! I
am so grateful for this time that my Heavenly Father has allotted me
to be a full-time missionary in the Oregon Eugene Mission. I have
grown to love the people here as I have served them. I know my
Heavenly Father loves me and He loves each of his children
individually. I know without a doubt that my mission is called of God.
I was called and have served in Klamath Falls, Springfield, Coquille,
Creswell, and Grants Pass to teach certain people. I have loved
serving my Savior. I know this is His work. I know that He lives!

I love you all! I’ll see you tomorrow! Bet’cha didn’t expect that.
Lol. My migraines have no chill. And no doctors have figured anything
With so much love,
Sister Dobbins

Last pic with sister Alldredge! Pic with Aredelia! Pic with Art! And
the last one is with Ty!

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Jan. 16th 2017 – The Promised Land

This week though πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
So during our weekly planning, we are very precise and particular. We
plan for every 15 minutes of every day. We know exactly what we will
be doing. We prayerfully and very carefully plan. We pray for guidance
and direction and we pray that our Heavenly Father will lead us in the
direction of where He needs us. So here’s where Pia comes in…

Monday night, we were eating dinner with the Morrison family in our
Ward. Brother Morrison was telling us about an experience they had
earlier that day. Pia is a friend of their’s who isn’t a member of the
church. She was over at their house for lunch that day. She was having
a super hard time, and she poured her heart out to them. Brother
Morrison offered her a priesthood blessing. She accepted. In the
blessing he assured her that God loves her and He’s aware of her.
Brother Morrison said it was an incredible experience for her. He told
us her name was Pia. And we were like, “What is her last name?!?!” And
it turns out that this same Pia is in our area book, and she was in
our plans for us to see her that very evening. Crazy stuff! We went
over to her house and asked her about her experience having a
blessing. She loved knowing and feeling of God’s love for her. We told
the story, and how it was no coincidence how we met her that night.
She was in tears. She was so grateful that we listened to the Lord.

So we met with Art again! First off, in the morning of Art’s lesson,
we were prompted to put our hymn books in our bags. HE’S SO COOL!! We
read Joseph Smith’s testimony in the beginning of the Book of Mormon
with him. He loooved it. He was like, “How could anyone make this
up?!” Lol. Love that guy. Art has been going through a lot. He kept
saying how he knows God sent us to him. He kept saying how he needs to
find peace and direction, and he knows he can find it, he knows he’s
on the right path. He told us so much that’s going on his life. It’s
so sad. We decided to pull out our hymn books. We opened up to hymn
#124 Be Still My Soul. And we sang it for him. He was so grateful. It
was exactly what he needed to hear, and it brought such a beautiful
spirit that touched his heart. It changed his life. It wasn’t us
singing, it was angels.

We met with Aredelia!! We taught her the Plan of Salvation. Love it.
And she loved it!!! It was a great lesson. She said, “the celestial
kingdom is definitely the goal!” Wahoo!!! I’m so grateful for the Plan
of Salvation. I am so grateful for the knowledge that we will live
after this life and that we can be with our families for eternity!

So many miracles are happening in Grants Pass. We are so blessed to be
serving here!! It’s so cool to be here! This pic is just a selfie of
us tracting, doing a zone blitz after district meeting! We found 3 new
investigators! πŸ‘πŸ» Sister Alldredge, Sister Fjerstad, Sister Roach,
and I!

Love you!
Sister Dobbins

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January 9, 2017 – Survived a blizzard

This week was incredible!
We had to drive to Eugene for a meeting. And the weather was
ridiculous!!!! We had to leave at 5 AM, and then we didn’t get home
until 8:30 PM. We were driving over the passes at the worst times of
the storm. It was so snowy and the roads were scary. President Russell
called us like every 30 minutes to check up on Sister Alldredge and I.
I said, “We’re good. We have a blanket and a box of Cheez-Itz.” He
replied, “….that’s scary Sisters.” Lol. We got home safely.

We had Zone Training Meeting on Friday! Love that stuff. We focused on
the power of the Book of Mormon, goals, how to prepare to teach, and
many other good things. I love ZTM because it’s a great time to get
together as a zone to discuss the needs of our investigators, and
discuss what our leaders feel our mission needs. President called us
the night before ZTM. “Sister Dobbins! You have a chiropractor’s
appointment tomorrow. He can get you in sometime tomorrow, but we
won’t know what time until tomorrow morning. You will be going to it
no matter what time it is at. If it’s during ZTM then Sister Alldredge
will teach your segment by herself and Sister Dobbins will go to the
appointment!” It was stressful. Lol. Then Friday morning we find out
that the appointment is at the ending part of the meeting. So we got
to teach our segment and then we left early! Haha. But then the
chiropractor appointment sucked. I was super sore afterwards. I felt
like I got in a car accident.

Friday we got to meet a couple of awesome peeps! We knocked on
Patricia’s door and set up a lesson for the next day. Then we saw her
neighbor smoking outside and decided to say hi! His name is Art. He’s
a fellow native so we bonded. We gave him a Book of Mormon and set up
a lesson for the next day. So we go back, AND IT WAS THE MOST SOLID
LESSON EVER. We had a wonderful discussion about how the Book of
Mormon can bless his life. He opened up and told us his trials. We
promised him that the Book of Mormon can bring peace into his life. He
is so humble and open minded to learning about how the Book of Mormon
can bless him. We invited him to say the prayer at the end. He said,
“Yeah, I better do that.” And he prayed right then and there and asked
his father in heaven to reveal the truth to him. It was incredible.
I’m so excited to continue to teach him!

And then we met with Patricia! Basically the same thing happened with
her….. haha! She’s been through so much in her life.Β  So she’s soooo
open to learning how this gospel can help her. Her prayer at the end
was beautiful. She was so personal with her Heavenly Father. She knows
He is there. She has so much faith. It’s incredible!!

We met with Noah! He’s the 12 year old who came to church! We talked
to him about the Book of Mormon as well. Love that book. We invited
him to read and pray about it. Then when we saw him at church the next
day, we asked him about how his reading and his prayer went! He said
he prayed to Heavenly Father and asked him to show him where the gold
plates are. That little stinker! Lol. Love that kid.

I came up with a beautiful pun: Sister Alldredge and I made cute
little cards for each Zone member, to get ’em pumped, with my favorite
quote on them. They said “Get on your knees and pray, then get on your
feet and work.” -President Gordon B. Hinckley and it also said “DONUT
give up” and guess what we gave them donuts. Doesn’t get any better
than that.

I love you all. You are all beautiful and wonderful!
Sister Dobbins

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January 2, 2017 – White New Year’s Day!

We didn’t get a white Christmas but this is what we got. We literally
got a white New Year’s Day!! Hahaha it’s been snowing! It’s so
beautiful and magical and I’m not even that cold! It’s glorious. But
I’ve also been super sick. Sister Alldredge and I have been DYING in
the apartment. The smallest of tasks were EXHAUSTING. The entire week
was super rough. But today we’re feeling basically better! And we were
able to play in the snow. #blessings

So we have an investigator, Noah, who is 12. And he’s been on lockdown
because he got in trouble at school. So he hasn’t been able to meet
with missionaries or go to church for like ever! But now he’s
ungrounded! And he came to church!! He’s an awesome kid. I’m excited
to teach him!

Seriously not much happened. We’ve been so sick. Sorry for the short
email. Some of the pics are from the other sisters in the zone, they
came over this morning to drop off their laundry, and we came outside
and they had drawn all over our bridge and car! Love those cuties, and
love this snow!

I love you all. Hope you have a fantastic week!
What are your goals for the new year?
Sister Dobbins

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December 26, 2016 – White Christmas

Christmas was WONDERFUL! I got to go to church, eat yummy food, spend
quality time with good people, AND SKYPE THE BEST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET EARTH: THE DOBBINS GANG. Love those guys. It was incredible being able
to see their faces, hear them laugh, and see them cry. I love them so
much!! I am sooo grateful for this gospel and that I am able to be
sealed to my family for time and for all eternity! And I am so
grateful for the opportunity to be in Grants Pass, Oregon, spreading
Jesus Christ’s gospel so families can be with each other for eternity.
It’s amazing. And incredibly rewarding. I love it!

So this week was awesome, still seeing tons of great miracles. πŸ‘πŸ»
love it here!
Also, we totally didn’t get a white Christmas. It was a nice day out
though! Haha, I did take a picture with some snow though. πŸ˜‚

Anyway, I love this gospel! I know Jesus Christ is our Savior. I know
that HE LIVES! I know that through Jesus Christ we can become healed
from sorrow, sin, sadness, guilt, and shame, etc. It is through the
Atonement that we can have hope.

I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas! Happy New Year!! Be safe! I love you!
Sister Dobbins

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And hey, zone conference was on Tuesday and it was awesome!!!! For part of it, President showed us this cool video!! You should see it. It’s ‘the test: you knew what I was when you picked me up’.
You knew what I was when you picked me upΒ – click to follow the link
It was cool. Also I got called on to speak, out of like 40 missionaries, hahahahaha. Fun stuff! It was another talk about the Savior! Here’s my outline. It’s jumbled and disorganized.

Zone Conference Talk……….

Jesus Christ’s life: he was perfect and full of love.

We can come to know him in our heart by striving to become like Him.

  • Moroni 7:46-47 charity is the pure love of Christ. Lately, when I think of the word charity, I think of #Light the World! We had a miraculous experience sharing the video with someone. He was probably in his 20’s. We OYM’d him. He was super into it!! It was incredible. He said things like, “Yeah!” “That’s what’s I’m talkin’ about!” He was so grateful to us for sharing the video to him. We had a great conversation with him afterwards. He loved the video because it showed people showing Christlike love to others. He had such strong faith in his savior and in the pure love of Christ. As we were talking to him, I realized that the way he came to know his savior Jesus Christ, is by striving to be like him.
  • When I think of Jesus Christ’s life, I think of all the amazing miracles he performed. All of the people he healed. I think of his humility, his patience, and most of all, His love for everyone.
  • Matt 26:39 I learn from this because Jesus Christ was in so much pain. And he didn’t just say, “get me out of this, I give up.” He submitted His will to His Father. I know that as we remind ourselves of this, and humble ourselves, we can come to know Jesus Christ in our hearts.
  • Sheep, Shepherds, and Sheepherders: James R. Ross> “Have you ever seen a sheepherder in one of our western mountain canyons directing the sheep? He is usually at the rear of the flock, slouched down on his horse, sound asleep. And doing the work are half a dozen small dogs yapping and barking at the heels of the sheep. He is a sheepherder. A few months ago in Munich, Germany, I saw a true shepherd. There he was with staff in hand, singing, walking in front of his flock; and the flock followed behind him. When he turned to the left, the sheep turned to the left; when he went to the right, they went to the right. There were no dogs barking at the heels of his sheep. They indeed knew their shepherd and were following the pathway he took.”
  • I want to liken this to ourselves.
  • D&C 58:26-29> be anxiously engaged in a good cause.
  • As we are striving to be charitable, are we doing it as a shepherd? Or are we slothful like a sheepherder? We need to be striving to be like the savior, our shepherd.
  • John 10:1-15> parable of the lost sheep
  • “When a sheepherder finds a lost sheep, he sends it back to the flock with a swift kick and angry words, unmindful of why it was lost, what injuries it may have suffered as a result, and the difficulties it might have in rejoining the flock after being separated for a period of time. The shepherd treats the sheep very differently. And when he hath found it, he layeth it on his shoulders rejoicing.” (Luke 15:5.)


Sister Dobbins

December 19, 2016 – Miracles on Miracles

This week though πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
We’ve seriously seen sooo many miracles! Our every action has been so
spirit led. Sister Alldredge and I are killing it! Haha!

So we were sitting in the car deciding what to do, and we decided to
get out and walk to a less active member’s house. We started going,
and decided to take a different turn to go see someone else. When we
got there we then decided not to see them and to turn around. When we
turned around, about 20 feet away, a man was crossing the street
coming right towards us. We stopped him and started talking to him! We
asked him if he wanted to see the 2.5 min Christmas video we were
sharing and he said he didn’t have time. We just kept talking though.
He had met with missionaries before and stopped because he moved. We
ended up talking to him about our unique message for about half an
hour! It was incredible! His name is Frank. It was such a miracle that
we ran into him!

We went to contact 3 different people in the same general area. 3
potential investigators. One ended up being on their way to work, one
moved out, and one was too busy with the holidays and we were told
they weren’t home. So we looked around, and decided to knock on this
door. And Tim answered. He let us right in! His grandma, Sheila,
accepted the invitation to watch the Christmas #LightTheWorld video
and loved it! We introduced the restored gospel and asked if she’d be
interested in learning more, she said yes, so we taught her right then
and there! It was truly amazing. We gave her a Book of Mormon and told
her that if she read from it and sincerely prayed to know if it was
true, God would answer her prayer. I’m so excited to meet with her
next and see how her reading and praying went. It was totally spirit
led that we knocked on her door.

We were trying to contact a less active member of our Ward. And
Arelania answered and told us that she doesn’t know who that is and
she doesn’t live there anymore. So we told her who we areΒ  and what we
do! And we shared the Christmas video because it’s so flippin’
awesome! And she looooved it! We gave her an intro to the Book of
Mormon, and we’re meeting with her to teach her the first lesson

Okay there’s more! So we went to contact this woman, and she wasn’t
home. We turned around and looked at the rest of her apartment complex
for a second. I said, “let’s knock on that door.” Sister Alldredge
said, “I was gonna say that too.” So when we knocked on her door, we
knew someone prepared was behind it. A woman named Inez answered. She
let us in immediately. She has a strong faith in Christ. We had a
wonderful discussion about the savior and his gospel. We stayed for
about an hour!!

We were walking down the street and ran into a man walking his dog.
His name is Ronny. He was probably in his 20’s. He was suuuper nice
and super cool! He had a huge beanie covering his huge dreads. Haha.
He was super Oregonian! Lol. It was super cool as he was watching the
video, he kept saying how amazed he was. He said things like, ‘that’s
what I’m talkin’ about!!!’ He loved seeing in the video how others are
so Christlike. Haha! It was so cool. Love that guy.

This week has definitely set off this transfer to be miraculous. It was
awesome to see how the spirit led us to so many people who were ready
to hear the gospel. I love this work. I love my savior. I love seeing
people smile and rejoice as they see the #lighttheworld video. He is
the light of the world. And we are the light of the world.
Merry Christmas! I love you all!
Sister Dobbins

ps.. and we talked in sacrament meetingΒ this week. πŸ™‚

sacrament-talk-12-18-16Β – click to open

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December 12, 2016 – Creswell to Beacon Hill

And I’m out of Creswell!!! I’ll miss it so much! Elders are taking
over Creswell. No more Sisters there! It seems like I should be sad,
but Sister Van Leuven and I feel really good about it. There’s someone
in a Creswell that they need to find! I was sooo tempted to leave at
apartment trashed. I’ve pink washed into elders areas almost my whole
mission, and everytime, without fail, the apartment was disgusting.
But I decided to be a good soul. We left it great.

It ended up NOT snowing in Creswell! But it got icy, so it was scary!

I am definitely looking forward to being here in a Beacon Hill! It’s
in Grants Pass. So far it’s a nice place. It’s colder than Creswell.
Wahoo! And apparently Dutch Bros was founded here, in Grants Pass. So
that’s pretty legit. They’re everywhere! I’ve heard wonderful things
about the Ward. I already love my companion, Sister Alldredge. She’s
from Herriman, Utah. We live in the cutest little cottage. We have to
walk over a bridge over a creek to get to it. So beautiful.

I love you all, I hope you have a fabulous week!!

Sister Dobbins

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December 5th, 2016 – Too cold

Literally not much happened this week. We’re still teaching Sissy and
Echo. They’re awesome! Love those girls. Sorry not too much to report

We tracted a lot, but didn’t have much success. We talked to this guy,
and as we turned to leave, I rolled my ankle and almost fell and it
was super embarrassing. But on the plus side… we knocked on this
lady’s door and she asked if we’re Mormons. And then she said, “Oh I
have one of your Book of Mormons and I’ve kept it for so long. I’ve
figured one of you would come by and I could give it to you.” And she
comes back with this suuuuuuper old Book of Mormon!!! It was so
awesome!!! It was sad that she didn’t want it anymore. But the coolest
gift ever!!!!!!!!! The things missionaries get excited about. πŸ˜‚ haha.

So we go to contact this guy to show him the #LIGHTtheWORLD video.
Brad loved it! He thought it was so amazing. And he shared what he
thought. Earlier that day he heard something similar on the radio. A
man was talking about how his son had died, and the only thing that
gives him comfort is serving others. It touched Brad’s heart so much.
And when we showed him the Christmas video about being like Christ,
and serving others this Christmas season, he was amazed! It was a
miracle that we were able to see him at the right time and show him
the video that day! The Lord truly does prepare the people. Love it.

It’s getting cold here in Creswell. It’s beautiful! But I am
freezing!! Haha. It’s supposed to snow this week. Not too excited. I’m
going to be frozen.

I hope you are all doing well. I love you! Have a great week!
Sister Dobbins

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November 28, 2016 – #LIGHTtheWORLD

The most amazing video came out the day after Thanksgiving on Mormon.org! It is a Christmas video! I love it so much because it paints a beautiful picture of how we are the Lord’s hands here on this earth. It shows the Savior’s perfect example of service and love. And we can be just like Him this Christmas season. We have been showing this video to everyone we see! I love seeing what people think of it, the results are amazing. We taught a primary class yesterday at church. We sat there with all of the primary kids in sharing time as they turned out the lights and turned on the TV. It was the video! It was a different experience for me, seeing it from a different perspective with these little children. Then after the video, the children were asked, “How did you feel while watching this?” One little girl, probably 6 years old, said that her heart felt warm as she watched Jesus help people. It made her want to help people because Jesus loves them. One kid said he felt happy because he loves Jesus so much. It was such a blessing to be in primary with these cute kids! Their testimonies of our Savior Jesus Christ strengthened mine. I know that He lives and He loves us! We can show that we love him by serving our fellow men. Go to Mormon.org and find out how!Β https://www.mormon.org/
So a former investigator texted us this week. And she asked us to come back and start teaching her!! Uhhh miracle! Literally every missionary’s dream right there. So we go meet her, she’s super cool, and she wants her and her kids to be baptized! She knows the church is true. She wants her kids to grow up in this solid foundation. Her name is Echo. She has a few things holding her back but we are here to help her. As we were teaching her, her children’s father walked in and he is interested in taking the lessons too! So cool! I’m excited to see how this goes! His name is Doug.
So yesterday I hear Sister Van Leuven from the other room… “Uhhh, Sister Dobbins! My thumb is stuck in an ornament! I don’t know if it’s bleeding!” Lololol I go out there and there’s literally and ornament on her thumb. We just look at it and crack up for a few minutes. She ended up being fine but it was hilarious and scary!
I love you all! Have a fantastic week!

Sister Dobbins


November 21, 2016 – Adam’s DUNKED

This week was incredible!!!!!
I went on exchanges and I was in the Eugene YSA Ward with Sister
Nowell for Friday and Saturday. We went tracting Friday evening and
met this girl. We immediately ask her if she has a belief in Jesus
Christ. She says, “I consider myself a “Nialiss”. No idea how to spell
it!!! “It’s pretty cold outside. Do you want to come inside and I’ll
tell you?” So we go in. She tells us that she used to have severe
depression. She told God that he needed to show her, in the next 48
hours, a reason to live or she would take her life. In those hours she
came to the realization that there isn’t a god, she didn’t need a
reason to live, and there is no purpose in life. She decided not to
kill herself because she came to the realization that she was willing
to live with that perspective. It broke my heart, and my body ached as
this child of God told us this. I couldn’t understand how someone
could live with the perspective of having absolutely no purpose in
life, and no reason to be on earth. As she spoke to us, all I could
feel was how I needed to testify to her of her Heavenly Father’s love
for her. I did just that. It was remarkable as I did this because at
that moment, I saw her in God’s eyes. I felt extreme love for this
girl whom I had just met. I was able to see her how her Heavenly
Father sees her, and testify to her of how much love He has for her.
It touched her, and she was grateful to have us in her home. We stayed
for about an hour and a half just answering questions she had. Before
we left we asked if we could come back again. And she said it depended
on the context. When we told her that we wanted to teach her about the
after-life, she said that would be really fascinating. It was amazing!
Such a miracle. Being a missionary is incredible.

Another incredible moment: Adam got baptized yesterday!!!!! I love
that guy. He’s so wonderful. It was a beautiful baptism!! Adam is so
cool. I love being able to watch people progress. I am so blessed to
be teaching the people here in Oregon.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ¦ƒπŸπŸ½ My fav holiday. At least I will
be spending it away only once! Haha.

I love you all ❀️
Sister Dobbins

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